About TownTiger Store

* ↑ Our location, Guangzhou, a populous city with history of more than 2000 years, 130km from Hongkong and 9800km from Paris, in the heart of the biggest industrial zone of the world.

* We don't create trends, we know trends. 

* Clothes shoulder be something make you look better and not social class tags.

* Fashion is something like Tomorrow, it's always there, so forget the idea of catching it, we only want to do things well for Today.

* We don't let our customer pay for those skinny super-models and photographers with goatee.

*↑ One of our partner clothing factory, with extensive IT system and amazing productivity.

* Our team have extensive experience in apparel industry and e-commerce. Our vision is to setup a virtue outlet to connect factories and end-consumers, to help enterprises control inventory and consumers save money.

* Wholesale and custom making requests are all welcomed.




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