A Fat Quarter Washable Kraft Paper, Pulp Fibre Blends,Texon

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New Colors Arrive! A Fat Quarter Washable Kraft Paper, Pulp Fibre Blends, Made by German Texon, 11Colors, Great material for handmade bags

It's a excellent material for handmade bags, notebooks, wallet and other imaginable items.
With high quality, made by German corporate Texon.
Tough and washable with effects of Kraft paper, typical adopted by jean manufacturer as label.
Standard Sheet Width: 150.0cm
Thickness : 0.55mm

Unit Patch Size: 75cm*45cm (a Fat quarter)
1 pcs = 75*45 cm
2 pcs = 150*45cm
4 pcs = 150*90cm

Many of the world’s finest jeans manufacturers use pulp fibre blends as a high quality base material for labels. Made out of natural cellulose fibre and non-woven impregnated felt which can be latex impregnated, it can be printed, laminated, coated, screen printed to suit customers’ requirements.

As well as being hard wearing and flexible thanks to its high stitch strength and abrasion resistance, it also offers the following benefits:

Retains its quality even after printing
Withstands stonewash process, can be washed and dry-cleaned
Dimensionally stable, will not shrink or stretch
Can be easily stitched onto jeans
Leather like touch and feel

Tyvek is a nonwoven product consisting of spunbond olefin fiber. It was first discovered in 1955 by DuPont researcher Jim White who saw polyethylene fluff coming out of a pipe in a DuPont experimental lab.It was trademarked in 1965 and was first introduced for commercial purposes in April 1967.

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